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  5. "Why do I die?"

"Why do I die?"

Translation:Pourquoi je meurs ?

January 20, 2013



It made me lean back and reflect a little I must say.


When do we invert the verb and the object to form a question? I would just like to differentiate this from "Pourquoi meurs-je?"


Bucko is right and on top of it, for the reason it is not nice to hear, the other construction "pourquoi est-ce que je meurs ?" should be preferred over "meurs-je"


I believe both are valid although the inversion is considered more formal.


Why is "Je meurs, pourquoi'? incorrect??


because the English would be "I am dying, why?"


I'd like to know the same. Why not "Je meurs, pourquoi?" or "Pourquoi meurs-je?" ?? Is it totally wrong?


"Je meurs, pourquoi ?" is acceptable if the English is "I am dying, why ?".

But "pourquoi meurs-je ?" is nearly impossible to say. So we don't use it.


That is what I DO NOT understand! WHY is it impossible to say that? Is it grammatically incorrect or is there some other reason? When it comes to translating an English/French sentence: "Pourquoi je meurs?" and "Je meurs, pourquoi?" doesn't seem different to me at all. And we usually DO NOT translate sentences literally (here on Duolingo). Thanks.


You have to understand that your proposals are not checked by a teacher, who can judge the relevance of your changes, but a robot that was not programmed to accept changes in the word order if those were not absolutely necessary.

So, if you stick to the original word order, you won't waste your hearts.


As I said before, "meurs-je" or "cours-je" for the same reason are very difficult to decipher in oral. Same issue with 1st group verbs, even though we can add an accute accent to help pronunciation: "dansé-je" or "mangé-je" are not really easy to use either.

Therefore to be very clear on those cases, they are indeed grammatically correct but they are not used because of purely phonetic issues. However, since we have other ways to construct questions, we then move to these:

  • est-ce que je meurs ? - or we add a modal verb, like: "est-ce que je dois mourir ?"

  • est-ce que je cours ? - est-ce que je sais courir ?

  • est-ce que je mange ? - est-ce que je peux manger ?

  • etc.


I went to Linguee and typed I die. It gave the the translation of je morts. Why does "Pourquoi morts-je?" not work?


You have been mistaken, this is the conjugation of verb mourir:

je meurs, tu meurs, il/elle/on meurt, nous mourons, vous mourez, ils/elles meurent.

"meurs-je" is not used because it is too difficult to say/hear.


Thanks Site Surf and Joyeux Noel!


Joyeux Noël à vous aussi, Jolynne !


I agree. 'meurs-je' sounds hideous.

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