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  5. "Je veux un adaptateur."

"Je veux un adaptateur."

Translation:I want an adapter.

January 6, 2014



I wish Duo was more tolerant of mistakes in English - accidently putting 'a' instead of 'an' does not indicate a misunderstanding of the French

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It makes sense for those of you who know it was a mistake but there are far too many users who do not recognize it as a mistake and by having an incorrect answer accepted, they go away thinking that everything is fine when it is not.

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    I think they have to manually insert all the mistakes people (might) make. Sometime I feel the need to report my spelling mistake as an acceptable solution because it is so obvious (to me) that I pressed the wrong button but then I realise that would just cause incredible clutter and a lot of debate about what might and might not be acceptable. Although some exercises do seem more tolerant than others.


    Great comments people, 'adaptateur' is an awesome word which also had me do a double take on the syllables count. But I'm curious, is the common meaning of this in france a phone charger?

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    There's a separate word for "charger", i.e., "un chargeur". However, I would not be surprised at all that in French, an adapter (which normally accommodates different kinds of plugs/receptacles) may also include a charger built into it. Be that as it may, it may be prudent to say "chargeur" when you mean "charger" and "adaptateur" when you mean adapter until you get a chance to verify it in situ.


    Shouldn't "charger" be accepted as well? Or is an adapter a fundamentally different object?

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    They are really two different things. A charger will charge up a device and it plugs into one socket at one voltage (usually 110 or 220v) and puts out 5v or 12v to charge the device. An adapter is technically only something that allows one type of plug to be inserted into a different kind of socket.


    Adapter is a more broad term, it could be the part of your charger you plug in, a piece to use an American plug in Europe, adapters are used in piping to go from different sized piping, and on computers to use older/newer plugs with older/newer cables, and many other applications as well.


    would there ever be a liasion ever ? maybe in very formalspeak or maybe back in history?

    Je veu-z-un adaptateur?

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    A liaison in this situation is considered optional and a very high register, except when followed by a pronoun. http://french.about.com/od/accents/fl/How-to-Pronounce-Optional-Liaisons-in-French.htm


    Do i recall correctly that liasons are a mark of more formality, once you go beyond the basic pronoun ones we are taught?

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    Optional liaisons are a mark of shall we say a higher education and more refined speech--so I'm told.


    I assume this refers to an electrical outlet adapter?


    Hey guys, i travelled to Grenoble recently and forgot my plug adapter to allow me plug my 3 prong phone charger plug into the 2 probg socket..i bought one from the Casino store where they call it an "adaptateur de fîche".


    Thanks for sharing. Have a lingot.


    When do you use j'en veux

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