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"O engenheiro vai sentir a frequência."

Translation:The engineer is going to feel the frequency.

January 20, 2013



not sure what frequency refers to, is it like radio frequency? if so I'm not sure how it could be felt!


Yes,it is supposed to be like an electrical frequency, it doesn't really makes any sense. He could measure it > "O engenheiro vai medir a frequência."


Yes I guess you're right. In this case for me you can 'sense' a frequency with the help of some device...


But you would never say "feel" in this case. You might feel the results of the frequency, but for an engineer that would not be a very accurate measure of what it actually is.


Incorrect in English. 'The engineer will test/observe/record/obtain the frequency' perhaps.


Hahahaha, funny sentence.....a Psychic Engineer.

In Portuguese, the Engineer will probably "measure = medir" the frequency using some kind of meter.

Frequência can be about anything that happens regularly or a wave frequency.

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