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"Three youths were caught with a CCTV camera in a shop."

Translation:Gaeth tri llanc eu dal efo camera CCTV mewn siop.

March 22, 2016



Hmmmm . ........ were they caught stealing a CCTV camera, then?

Surely the meaning is "....... caught by a CCTV camera......" ?

Is there a difference between the two in Welsh, or is it just in English?


Ha! Yes, you're right! "by" would be "gan". This sentence implies that they stole a CCTV camera (which is quite possible if they're relations to the Lingo family!) :P


does 'gyda' also work here or must it be 'efo'?


We have "caught ON (a) CCTV camera", like you see something ON (a) television.

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