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Tip on remembering conjugations

I found this really helpful, when learning new verbs or common conjugations (like I am, you are, we are, etc.) sing them to your favorite pop song (or regular song). My first language teacher did this in her class, and it is really helpful (actually, I don't know why more teachers/people replace top 40 songs lyrics with subject material --it makes complete sense and it's more fun than hand-outs). One that I made up for Italian basics-- I sang the verb essere conjugations to Rihanna's song "Where have you been?" (singing the tune "Wheeerrre haavve youuu been..." but saying soooooono sei E, etc.) and did the verse after with the subject (io tu lui/lei....)

January 20, 2013

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My Spanish teacher used the hat song for conjugations. Doesn't work well with long words, but works great with beginner words like comer, vivir, correr...

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