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"Ona odwiedza ważnego dyrektora."

Translation:She is visiting an important director.

March 22, 2016



Well, this was really tricky. I interpreted "wasznego" as "your" and "dyrektora" as "principal". Way, way off.


"your" is "waszego" ;) "principal" actually works.


Is dyrektora for both masculine and feminine? Because 'directora' means (female) director in Spanish :S


Hola :D no, dyrektorka es feminino y dyrektor es masculino :). En este caso tenés ´dyrektora´odwiedzam (kogo? co?) dyrektora, es acusativo? creo, no me acuerdo muy bien de los nombres de los casos.



Hey :D no, dyrektora is feminine and dyrektor is masculine :) In this case you have 'dyrektora' odwiedzam (kogo? co?) dyrektora, is it accusative? I think so, I don't remember well the name of the cases.

Ahh super fine! :D It's the same as in Spanish. Director y directora.
A tip: if you write in English forums, you should write your comments in English (or include a translation ;) ) otherwise, most people won't understand your valuable help :/

Dzieki! :)


Just in case you needed to know dyrektora is genitive=accusative, and in this sentence it is accusative.

It is quite common for masculine nouns to have -a ending in genitive, and if they are animated, also in accusative.


ohhh I see... thanks!


This is what makes Polish so difficult, not that it has cases but the same ending can indicate different cases, different genders


And for completeness, the same sentence with a female director would be:

Ona odwiedza ważną dyrektorkę.


That makes it better :) Dzieki!


I just noticed a typo, jeez, was sure I edited it but apparently not, dyrektorKa is feminine and dyrektor is masculine. Dyrektora is the acusative form of the word ´dyrektor´.

Yes, sorry, I just thought it would be cool if I wrote in Spanish :D but you are absolutely right, it is better to use English so that everybody can understand :). Anyways, you are welcome!

Nie ma za co! :)


Woops, I thought the sneaky "K" in dyrektorKa was a typo xD

Dzieki znowu! :)


It was not, just cases are a little sneaky at times :D You are welcome, always feel free to ask, I am always really glad whenever I can help.

Nie ma za co! :)

Thanks for the lingot! :))


are there also non-important directors?


Loads of them, especially in overstaffed, hidebound corporations and authorities. Look at the BBC! Or worse, try a local Council!! Or for the real bees-knees, quangoland!!!


If this Director was a woman would it be wazna?

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In Nominative it could be "ważna dyrektor". I say could be, because the noun "director" has masculine gender, and when is used in meaning of a woman, it does not inflect. Therefore, when it is used as feminine noun, there are actually 3 possible ways of saying that. The best is "ważna pani dyrektor" (an important Mrs director); "ważna dyrektor" is less used, and the third way "ważna dyrektorka" - "dyrektorka" is a feminine noun, for many years treated as informal or less serious, nowadays some feminists insist to use this form as a regular one, but most of the language users still treat it as jargon or disrespectable form.

But the verb "spotykać" requires Accusative case, so it would be respectively, "ważną panią dyrektor", "ważną dyrektor" and "ważną dyrektor".

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