Mic Exercises Stopped Working, this time at 6PM EST on the dot.

I've been having this recurring problem that I've posted about twice, with no solution...which is that the microphone exercises break in the evening, but work during the day.

What happens is that I press the record button and then it immediately cuts me off and marks it wrong.

They were working fine, and I was in the middle of practicing, and today I noticed that they stopped working immediately at 6PM.

I would like to try to figure this out, if someone can help me troubleshoot this. I really like the mic exercises and I don't like how I can't do them at night, it has been making me use DuoLingo less and it's often more convenient for me to use it in the evening rather than during the day.

I'd be super grateful if people could help me resolve this, and I'd be glad to answer questions to help pinpoint this problem and/or help the DuoLingo people solve / fix it.


March 22, 2016


If it isn't too much of a pain in your learning experience, you can disable mic exercises in Settings. If it is entirely necessary, however, you might want to investigate with a different microphone or a different browser. In an unlikely chance, however, you could be having a problem with your firewall. It seems weird that it cuts out at certain times, however.

March 24, 2016

Changing microphones or browsers doesn't fix it. It works in any browser when it's working, and doesn't work in any browser when it's not. And the mic always works system-wide and with other apps, I can still record fine.

March 24, 2016

one who ever gave me the lingot i didnt mean it and two this microphone thing is what i hate most some times it works some times it doesnt

March 27, 2016
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