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Staff involvement in discussions

Duolingo staff should comment on most popular suggestions in discussions. This would stimulate students to put in even better suggestions. Particularly, staff should indicate when suggestions are chosen for implementation. When very popular suggestions are not implemented, a motivation should be given. I realize that the staff is small and that the general task of developing, maintaining and running Duolingo is huge. But with the measurement of discussion popularity, the Duolingo staff has a way of pinpointing a very small subset of discussions that are potetially worthy of staff involvement.

January 20, 2013



I agree. We do try to comment on some of the discussions, but we don't always do so.


I like this idea. Though I wish there was a way to distinguish a discussion from a suggestion to enhance the program (speaking to the staff developers and programmers), vs. a comment to enhance learning (speaking to the fellow learners).


In relation to discussions, I would really like to see a proper forum implemented. A forum where we can not only discuss the languages in general that are present on Duolingo, but also the respective cultures, including pop culture, associated with each language. I think it would help foster the Duolingo community.

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