"Sono le otto meno un quarto."

Translation:It is quarter to eight.

January 20, 2013



"It is a quarter to eight" should be right as well, I think.

January 20, 2013


"it's A quarter to eight" is grammatically correct in British English.

February 5, 2013


They use more of a American English on duolingo. But they try to accommodate for both so "Its A quarter to eight" may sound odd in America but maybe its an alternate solution.

June 23, 2013


"it's a quarter to eight" is the correct way of saying this phrase, maybe depending on the region of the USA the "a" isn't heard or emphasized.

June 23, 2013


Here in Pennsylvania, "a quarter to eight" sounds OK to me.

July 24, 2013


I'm American and I hear and use both "quarter to" and "quarter of eight" frequently.

March 28, 2014


Why do you use "sono" in this sentance?

June 23, 2013


Because when telling the time, you say literally "the hours are..." "le ore sono..."


October 14, 2013


quarter of eight is also correct when speaking

August 19, 2013


Native speaker of American English here, but "quarter of" always confused me. I mean, a quarter of eight sounds like it should more literally mean 7:15, so I always use "quarter to" instead.

October 29, 2018


Why is le used here?

September 24, 2013


Because 'otto' is actually plural. 8 being greater than 1. It's basically when telling time it's nearly always le + number. One is different. See http://italian.about.com/cs/travel/ht/telltimeitalian.htm for details

March 17, 2014


Can someone please break this sentence down and explain it to me? I'm heavily confused. "They are the 8 less a 4"

January 12, 2016


Time in italian is usually told as "Sono le number" like "Sono le otto" similar to how we say "It is eight". Except in italian when using numbers (higher than 1) they use the plural "sono" instead of "è".

Sono le otto = it's eight

meno un quarto = less a quarter

Note: It's "quarto" (quarter or 4th) not quattro (4)

January 13, 2016


Perfect. How about for one? Would it be "E il un" ? Does that mean it's 1pm?

January 14, 2016


They use "è l'una" (12h time) and "sone le tredici" (24h time).

January 14, 2016


I guess literal translation is "The (hours) are eight minus a quarter"

July 28, 2018


I believe there is a bug here for reading this sentence. I never have a problem with reading but i repeated thos one over twenty tomes and it still does not want to accept my 'meno un quarto'.

May 3, 2016
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