"Da iawn"

Translation:Very well

March 23, 2016



Ive seen teachers write da iawn on childrens work. I thought it meant well done

September 3, 2018


It does doesn"t it

September 15, 2018


Also means well done

November 6, 2018


In bore da the da means good, now da means very. So if you wanted to say very good would that be da da? I'm confused.

December 11, 2018


da does mean 'good', but it never means 'very'.

The course notes explain that on its own 'iawn', as taught so far, means 'OK', 'fine', and so on. However when used following an adjective such as da it acts as an intensifier 'very':

  • da iawn - 'very good', 'very well', or sometimes 'well done' - it all depends on the context.
  • cyflym; cyflym iawn - fast; very fast
  • hen; hen iawn - old; very old
January 14, 2019


It means very good/well done. No one would say it in place of "very well"

January 14, 2019

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