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  5. "No vale mucho."

"No vale mucho."

Translation:It is not worth much.

January 20, 2013

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Why wouldn't "He is not worth much" or "She is not worth much" be correct here?


"No vale mucho" is really only used for things you can buy. In English, when you say "He is not worth much" you usually mean "He doesn't have a lot of money". The Spanish sentence does not have that meaning. To say that in Spanish you would say "Él no tiene mucho dinero".


Thanks, Luis. Question: what if you weren't talking about money? What if you wanted to say "He/she is not worth much" and meant it as a comment on the individual's character?


There are several idioms:

-él/ella no es una persona válida -él/ella no vale un (chavo/duro/ ...) -él/ella no vale la pena.


I don't know of a similar expression in Spanish. You'd have to specify what exactly is the problem with this person.


"él/ella no lo vale"


How would you say "It's not worth it." As in, "I would like to go but I don't think it's worth it."


No lo vale


"No vale la pena" is something you hear a lot in Latinoamérica (not sure about Spain). "It is not worth the pain / difficulty / cost".

-Should I go and visit this place? "No, no vale la pena"


Yes. that can be heard in Mexico.

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