ide and / or chodzi

as both verbs mean to go or walk. Can they be used interchangeably or does each have a specific meaning

March 23, 2016


they cannot be used interchangeably. First off all idę is in the first person and means I go/walk, and chodzi is in the third person and means he/she is going/is walking, but the meaning is also a bit different. You use idę for example to say 'I'm going to the shop' -' Idę do sklepu' while chodzi can be used to express a continuous action for example 'he goes to school'- 'Chodzi do szkoły' or it can be also used in sentences like 'He is walking around the room' -'Chodzi po pokoju' 'He is walking around town' - 'Chodzi po mieście'.

March 23, 2016

Does that mean that ide is used to say "I am walking around the room'?

March 23, 2016

No, that would be 'Chodzę po pokoju'. The verb iść (which is a neutral form of idę) is generally used when you have a destination to which you are going, like in the sentence i gave previously 'Idę do sklepu' - I'm going to the shop. 'On idzie do sklepu 'He is going to the shop' or 'I'm going to the school' - 'Idę do szkoły', while if you wanted to say 'I go to school', meaning you do it every day, it would be with the verb chodzić (chodzę, chodzi) - chodzę do szkoły. And chodzić is also used when there is no clear destination like in 'I'm going around the room'

March 23, 2016

If you are not scared of long answers read

Short answer is that
iść- walk/go now, with a direction/purpose
chodzić- walk/go usually, or without direction

also polish does not have a verb "go"

we have : iść/chodzić= go using your legs
jechać/jeździć= go using a land transportation, drive, ride
płynąć/pływać= swim, sail, go using water transportation
lecieć/latać= fly, go using a plane

all those pairs have right now with a direction vs usually or without a direction

there is also biec/biegać- run, and nieść/nosić carry and I think those are all of the pairs with now vs usually aspect.

March 23, 2016

No, they can't. They mean slightly different things: "Idę" means I walk [right now or with a direction], for example "idę do szkoły" means I'm going to school (I go there right now). "Chodzi" means he/she/it walks [usually or without a direction], for example "on chodzi do szkoły" means He goes to school (usually, not right now).

March 23, 2016
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