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If you want to find people to practice with on Duolingo (and elsewhere) come to this post.

Are you looking for someone to practice a language with? Please don't post in the General discussion forums if you're looking for someone just to study with you. With 3million website users, if everyone did the same thing, all other kinds of posts would be buried.

Instead, try these strategies:

1.Use the individual language forums http://www.duolingo.com/comment/1254215 to see who all is interested in the same language as you.

2. Use the Discussion search bar to look for previous posts where people have already posted requests for language partners (there is no need to start new discussions if someone has already made a discussion for it.)

3. There are a lot of websites out there that are specifically designed for conversing with your peers. Two of my favorites are www.Lang-8.com and www.Espanglishchat.com

4. And well, you could always make it a free for all in this thread since it would certainly be on topic. :P

Feel free to post suggestions below.

Meanwhile, stay safe, don't give out private information, email, phone number, address, etc. and please don't forget to follow the guidelines because they help make Duolingo the awesome site that it is today: http://www.duolingo.com/guidelines

January 6, 2014



Great list!

I'd just like to add that if you are into gaming, put your games in your target language and join a clan/guild that speaks your target language.


I love languing (https://www.languing.com) it's completely FREE to learn languages with natives. I have been learning so much Russian and French. It has a function to instant video a user that matches your languages. It's great!


i also recommend Hello talk app ,, it's a very useful app for those who are aiming to speak with native speakers and war's good about that app is when you post something in italian it goes to all native speakers in the community not only your follower but the whole native italian community ,, Guys i'm so grateful to have such a great thing like duolingo.


Thank you! There is hope :))


are there any websites or apps that let you register several languages at a proficient level? If I am looking for someone who speaks Spanish or German or Russian and they are looking for someone who speaks English or Italian or French, what good is my native language for?


I recommend italki as well. You can choose between language exchange partners, native tutors, and professional teachers all on one platform. I am a professional English teacher on italki, and many of my students have made great progress in specialized areas like interview or exam preparation. I am currently learning Spanish using Duolingo and Memrise. Once I have completed my tree/courses, and I have a good vocab foundation with basic grammar understanding, I will definitely be working with an italki teacher myself. For those interested in giving italki a try, you can use this link to save $10 off your first class(es): https://www.italki.com/i/CBaaGd?hl=en_us


I added to facebook some peoples and I warned them this :P


Yes, safety is very important. I'm glad you encouraged them. :)


Great English! Learn Hard


ohh man!! I should have seen this before!! Thank you so much usagiboy7 I am looking for Italian speakers on DUOLINGO... I will try those webpages instead! Thank you!


I know, right? hehe

I borrowed someone else's wording. Figured the general idea would draw the crowd.

Edit: You inspired me and I have added (and elsewhere)


May I recommend www.sharedtalk.com, www.italki.com and www.conversationexchange. They're not without their flaws, so I use all three to complement one another. With iTalki you have the option of hiring a private native tutor, conversing with native or advanced speakers of your target language(s) and also being able to post things in your target language and have it corrected for errors, albeit not as well as Lang-8. SharedTalk's best features are the instant text and voice chat. Say you're up in the middle of the night for whatever reason, log in and voilà, you can do something productive and utilise what you've learned on Duolingo. I find Conversation Exchange to have the most serious and dedicated users, or I've lucked out with the people who've contacted me.

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