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"Ysgrifennodd Ceri Lingo ata i."

Translation:Ceri Lingo wrote to me.

March 23, 2016



What's the difference between "ata", "ato", etc.? I don't remember seeing it explained anywhere.


ata i - to/at me atat ti - you atoch chi - you atyn nhw - them aton ni - us at Sioned - Sioned

I'll write it into the unit's notes when the Incubator is back up :)


'Ata i' means 'towards me'. 'Ato fo/fe' means 'towards him/it'. 'Ati hi' means 'towards her/it'. 'Atat ti' means 'towards you'. 'Atoch chi' means 'towards you' ('you' here being formal, or in the plural sense of 'you'). 'Aton ni' means 'towards us'. 'Atyn nhw' means 'towards them'

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