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What about some more down to earth topics?

Much of the content available for translation is a bit on the trivial side. Sure, things like hammocks for cats, the latest gossip about Lady Gaga, a toilet museum in Argentina, etc is kind of interesting but I wonder if there could be a bit more down to earth real life stuff. Perhaps pages from a real estate firm with their typically imaginative descriptions of houses for sale or rent. Duolingo might even be able to derive a regular income stream from this to defray costs.

January 20, 2013



They do intend to make translations profitable eventually. It's just in the beta stage now, I gather.

Real estate catalogues?? I'd take hammocks for cats any day! Some of the articles might be trivial, but they do contain plenty of everyday words and phrases, which is useful practice (after all, many of us want to talk about sport, celebrity gossip, food, TV and cats with speakers of the languages we're learning).


Read an article the other day (can't recall source) in which a Japanese language teaching program used nonsense and innuendo-ridden phrases (correct grammar, though), because the originator had found people remember those best.

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