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"Mi iras al la biblioteko kiel eble plej ofte."

Translation:I go to the library as often as possible.

March 23, 2016



Could "kiel eble plej ofte" be written as "plej ofte kiel eble" and still have the same meaning?


I've always seen the construction "as ... as possible" in the order "kiel eble plej ...".

The other way around would, perhaps, be like saying "I go there as possible as often".


or "most often as I can" -- The word order in the canned phrase "kiel ebje plej" follows from the principle that adverbs generally come before the word they modify.


Kial ne « librejo » anstataŭ « biblioteko »?


librejo kaj biblioteko estas sinonimaj vortoj


What is the difference between libraro, librejo, and biblioteko?


libraro - a collection of books

librejo - a book store

biblioteko - an organization that lets you read books and do other research, and may lend books out.


Can someone break down "kiel eble plej ofte"? I see "most often" (adverb) and "how possible" (adverb); I think one is altering the other, which is altering "iras".

I don't see how I'm supposed to come up with this phrase.


I would say not "how possible" but "as possible" -- kiel can also mean "as, like" (li agas kiel reĝo "he acts like a king", etc.).

So this is actually not that far from the English "as often as possible" - literally, perhaps something like "as possible most often".

But it may be best to simply learn kiel eble plej X as a fixed template meaning "as X as possible" rather than analysing the individual words.

And you can't necessarily be expected to come up with that on your own - sometimes Duolingo courses teach you things by springing them on you and then showing you the right translation.

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