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"At your house, you have yellow pants."

Translation:Chez vous, vous avez un pantalon jaune.

January 20, 2013



Actually, I have yellow pants in my house. Imagine my surprise that they seem to be coming into fashion. Maybe I can start wearing them now.

What I'm wondering is how did Duo find out?


why can't you say "du pantalon"?


"pantalon" is countable: un pantalon, deux pantalons, etc.

"du" is used with uncountable things: du lait, du beurre, du vin...


You are everywhere, French Angel!


Sitesurf, I appreciate your explanation above, but we don't know how many pairs of pants Mr. X has at home. So why was my attempt wrong? I wrote: Chez toi, tu as de pantalon jaune.


in singular: chez toi, tu as un pantalon jaune

in plural: chez toi, tu as des pantalons jaunes


Wow, I actually didn't know that! Thank you!


Why was it incorrect to put an "À" at the beginning of the translation into French? (The rest of my sentence was fine according to the correct answer.)


Do you mean "à ta maison"? If yes, it should be "dans ta maison", but definitely the more common expression is "chez toi/vous".


Sorry, I meant that I wrote "À chez vous".


No, "à chez vous" does not exist, since "chez" can be used whether or not there is a movement: "vous êtes chez vous", "vous rentrez chez vous", "chez vous vous avez un pantalon jaune..." - no need for another preposition.


Hmm... what is wrong with "tu as des pantalons jaunes chez toi"?


In English, "pants" is plural while in French "pantalon" is singular. Same story with "a pair of jeans" vs "un jean".


I'm guessing this is about Duolingo's almost strict rules about the order of the sentence. "Chez toi, tu as des pantalons jaunes" is one of the correct solutions offered by Duolingo.


why is le pantalon jaune wrong?


The sentence would have to be "at your house, you have THE yellow pants"


actually in english pants can be singular. I am glad you are wearing your pants.


Do you mean that in "I am glad you are wearing your pants", the word is used in singular?


thanks danosaur you are right of course


Yes that is what I mean . I guess I got tangled up with "un" which would be" a "in english and" the" which would be le. I am wrong with the translation. I suppose that pants, trousers in English are always plural even though they may be referring to one pair of pants or trousers. I am glad you are wearing your pants.


but there wasn't any "a" or "the" in the sentence.why should I use un when it's not mentioned in the sentence? :(


You cannot translate word for word because the use of articles is very different from English to French.

-tu as un livre = you have a book (= one) -tu as des livres = you have books (= more than one)

In English "a" has no plural form.


I forgot an S at the end of jaune and it marked it incorrect! Why???


What was your whole sentence?


If you run a long race, you may start panting. You'll pant, and pant once more, and that's a pair of pants! ;)

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