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"Jag vill studera historia i höst."

Translation:I want to study history this fall.

March 23, 2016



My first thought is to translate to English (autumn). But this is given as incorrect - needs to be American equivalent (fall). Same thing happens with other "Americanisms" .... cell phone (mobile phone), subway (tube station) etc.


That's odd - though aimed primarily at American English, the course generally accepts standard English expressions from either variant. Do report it - autumn should clearly be correct, and I'd be surprised to find that it's not accepted.


Two years after: autumn is still not shown as correct.


i wrote "i want to study history in fall", wich told me it was wrong because it wanted me to write "this" instead of "in", but i really didn't even know "i" could mean "this", which isn´t even an option.


"in fall" doesn't really work in English. It's not always a 1:1 correlation, and sometimes, the best way is to just put the words out there and let people realise for themselves - like you did. Duolingo just lists the most common translations automatically when you hover over a word, and this one isn't one of the most common ones.


Btw "in" with seasons usually works in England, but sometimes implies that it will be a yearly occurrence. For example "I like going on holiday in autumn" means in the autumn of any year, "I would like to go on holiday in autumn", could be any unspecified autumn in the future, but most likely the next one, " I would like to go on holiday this autumn" is definitely the next one.

"I want to study history in autumn" kind of works, but does not specify that it is a one time thing in the next autumn, rather that in the future you would like to spend your autumns studying history.


Well, yeah, I could have been clearer but I meant that it does not work as a translation. You can certainly use it, but Swedish i höst very clearly means this exact upcoming autumn. Thanks nonetheless for the addendum. :)


OK thanks for clarifying the implied meaning of 'i höst'


What's wrong with "I want to study history during fall"? I don't get it :(


When Swedish says i höst with a future action, it means "this (current or upcoming) autumn". But English doesn't phrase it like this - English says "this fall/autumn".

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