"Niosę ciężki telewizor."

Translation:I am carrying a heavy television set.

March 23, 2016

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Why can't you translate as "I carry a heavy television"?


Why do you have a "television set"? It's pretty seldom used nowadays.


You can always answer with just "television", but in some sentences it is important to figure whether what is meant is the device (telewizor) or the medium that you can watch (telewizja).


If you are carrying it, it is clear it is not the medium.


Good point, but we'd like to be consistent in the translations ;)


If you're referring to the telewizor you'd say "a TV", "my TV", etc. If you're referring to telewizja, you omit the article or pronoun. You'd just say "TV"


I guess that is true, but a lot of people forget about articles, so in the end I think that our main translation is still safer...


More to the point is that 'set' is redundant, has no benefit, and is solely there as the teaching of English in Poland includes it under the belief that it is a more proper form. Consequently almost every hotel offering an English translation if its services in Poland uses 'TV set' and 'radio set'.


It's not redundant, it's just become unnecessary.


The question of marnold111 was left without reply. Is there a difference in this case between "carry" and "am carrying"? If not, why the program requires only continuous tense?


In Polish there are twelve verb pairs, so-called verbs of motion, which show such a distinction between continuous and habitual action. Nieść is continuous, whereas nosić is habitual.


I have never called it a television"set". I thought that was an atchaic usage.


There are sentences in which it could be unclear whether we mean "television" as the device or the medium, that's why we use "television set" in the main translations.


I doubt that that would ever be an issue since the device is countable and the medium is uncountable. That being said I don't really have a problem with the course using "television set".


The verb. The fact that we use the version "a television set" in the main answer doesn't mean that we don't accept "a television". We do. The whole list of accepted answers is: "I am carrying [a/the] heavy [television/television set/TV/TV set/telly]."

P.S. We very much appreciate the screenshot, we wish that more people provided them when asking 'why was my answer rejected?'.

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