My days in a row weren't counted on my PC. My progress was counted and the things I did on my PC showed up on my android tablet, but I didn't get credit for the days in a row. My tablet app says I missed those two days.

January 7, 2014


Sometimes when you do activity on your Tablet/Phone, it doesn't correctly sync and give you credit for the day. Another possibility could be your time zone. If you recently changed time zones, your 'day' is based off of your original time zone, not your current one. I currently see a 4 day streak for you.

I had a ten day streak and then I did a day on my computer - which actually is much easier than on my tablet - and I didn't get credit for doing any work, but it still sinked to my tablet. My work was up to date but I lost my streak. Not that it really matters.....

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