"У вас є квиток?"

Translation:Do you have a ticket?

March 24, 2016

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Квиток sounds kind of similar to german "Quittung". It is not quite the same thing, but nice to notice. And similar enough in meaning


Nice! :O They might be realted!


Russian квитанция (receipt, ticket, invoice) is from Dutch kwitantie, which is itself derived from Old French "quittance".

Russian also has квиток (with the same meaning). Білет, I hardly need point out, is from French, but no doubt those who see a red under every bed will have to avoid that, on the basis that it's the Russians who forced билет onto them.


Is "квиток" synonymous with "білет"? Or do they convey different meanings for the word ticket (i.e., a train/airplane ticket versus a theater/concert ticket)?


I actually never use (and don't think I know people who do) the word "білет", only "квиток". Maybe it's regional or a русизм (Russianism)

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