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How about a "Second Chance" option?

Sometimes I oversee that the plural is asked and so my answer is wrong. Could there be an option like a "Second Chance" so that you are informed that you have typed in some minor mistake and get the possibility to correct the answer? Also sometimes I miss the plural s on my keyboard and so I loose a heart, that feels kinda unfair. Would be nicer to get the chance for correcting myself instead of just the message that I'm wrong.

June 7, 2012



I don't have an answer, I just agree. I love getting the feedback in English, but if I just made a typo, I get annoyed that I can't just fix it. A second chance would be a perfect option.


Agreed. It is particularly annoying when you get punished for small mistakes that are not in the topic, like confusing plural in the dative case lesson.


consider it also as a training of carefulness... you will be able to write on your resume in the future "detail oriented person, from training on Duolingo to maintain as much hearts as possible"

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