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  5. "Вони зараз у лазні."

"Вони зараз у лазні."

Translation:They are at a bathhouse now.

March 24, 2016



right now and now are both correct.

September 20, 2017


Translation of 'zaraz' must be at end? 'They now are at the zoo' marked wrong.


I think in English this word order would be wrong (not a native speaker)

They are (now) at the zoo (now) are fine.


Is a sauna in Ukraine a building you go to, or is it just a room you sit in? I answered "They are in the sauna now", which was marked wrong.


Your answer is totally correct.

Your question is tricky though :) I would say most likely "лазня" is a separate building (sort of a hut) that is private, just because it sounds more traditional. If it's a room in some sports center or beauty parlor that would actually be called "сауна" O_o

But if you search in Google Images for лазня and сауна it looks basically the same...


It's correct now.


where is the slow audio - only the fast seems to be working


"They are at a sauna right now" was marked wrong. Please fix it!


Ah wait.

1) "sauna" is accepted

2) "right now" is the part that did not get accepted.

Fixed it!


I should've specified which part wasn't accepted. Thank you :)


Mm, I think maybe the idea was that "sauna" is "сауна" and "лазня" is different?.. Like, I know they are similar, but I would seldom use them interchangeably :)

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