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Japanese Lesson 39: Interrogative Sentences Part 4


Answer: Kotae: こたえ: 答え

Whose: Dare no: だれの: 誰の

Question: Shitsumon: しつもん: 質問
Mondai: もんだい: 問題 (more like "problem")

How: Dou: どう (how, in what way, how about)
Ikaga: いかが: (how, in what way, how about)
Nanto: なんと: (how, what, whatever)

NOTE: yeah there are a lot of hows and they're not very different... :/ Unfortunately I'm not familiar with the real nuances between dou and ikaga, that's just what rikaichan gave me. I'm used to using Dou though, so that's what I'll be using. For the other ones, listen out for them in anime and such. Kind of sucky advice I know. :) but doing so has really helped me in learning how to use some words like this


The Answer

I'm sort of fighting that "the = sono" thing

The question

Whose tea is it?
Sono ocha wa dare no mono desu ka.
その おちゃ は だれ の もの です か。
(lit: That tea, whose thing is?)

Whose tea is it?
Sore wa dare no ocha desu ka.
それ は だれ の おちゃ です か。
(lit: That is whose tea?)

How is she?
Kanojo wa dou desu ka.
かのじょ は どう です か。

What is the question?
Sono shitsumon wa nan desu ka.
その しつもん は なん です か。

... well that was pretty short... It's fine though. >.< I went through the lesson a second time and nope, that's all the questions.

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March 24, 2016



As always, thank you for providing this valuable resource. :) Enjoy some lingots for your hard work.


;A; you're so nice to meeeeeeee UWAAAAAH ^_^


Generally, いかが is more formal than どう. :)

For example, "how is she doing?" would be "~さんはいかがですか?"
You wouldn't want to use ”彼女は" in this case because it doesn't sound polite.


Thank you for the clarification! ^_^
And oh, yeah, definitely. I think I covered it at some point but pronouns should be avoided at all costs. :( Unfortunately the courses don't let you avoid them often.
To reiterate. ALWAYS use someone's name if you can. ALWAYS.


Sorry for the continuous delay. I just got over a hellish cold, some mandatory overtime, and we're looking for a new place to live. Busy busy. But I'll keep trying to post lessons as I have the time and energy!!

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