"Młoda kobieta patrzyła na sukienkę."

Translation:A young woman was looking at the dress.

March 24, 2016



At first I wrote 'The young lady was looking at the dress' which was marked incorrect. To me as a native English speaker this sounds much better and (I believe) this would probably be the phrase used by the majority of English speakers. Is the word 'kobieta' used solely for 'Woman' and if so is there another word used for 'lady' ?

March 24, 2016


Yes, usually "kobieta" is used only for "woman". The translation of the word "lady" can be either "pani" ("ladies and gentlemen" = "panie i panowie") or "dama" (in films "young lady" is often translated to "młoda dama").

March 24, 2016


Again, shouldn't the imperfect be used here, "patrzała" for an uncompleted action ("was looking")?

October 10, 2018
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