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  5. "Lui ti indicò il luogo."

"Lui ti indicò il luogo."

Translation:He indicated the place to you.

March 24, 2016



«he indicated you the place»

why is this the mistake?


You are missing "to," before "you" which is critical.

It's a very awkward to say "he indicated you," but if you were to say this it would mean something completely different from the sentence above. It would mean "he pointed you out (to someone else)"


I would use TO if the indirect object followed the direct one. Does it mean the verb INDICATE has this very prepositional government? Because I don't know. I thought it was like SHOW. «He showed you the place». Sounds even more natural than «He showed to you the place».


Yes, in this usage, with an indirect object indicate must take "to". It would not take "to" if it was not directed to an individual. You CAN say: "He indicated the place" or "He indicated he was unhappy" or "He indicated that he would like dessert." "A red light indicates stop." But as soon as that action is directed AT an indirect object, it must take "TO"

"He indicated to me that he wanted dessert" "he indicated the place to me." "The pig indicated to the truffle hunter where the tasty fungi were located."

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