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  5. "Beth dych chi'n gallu wneud?"

"Beth dych chi'n gallu wneud?"

Translation:What are you able to do?

March 24, 2016



wneud is mutated here because the sentence is sort of short for Beth dach chi'n gallu ei wneud (o)?, right?


Yes! I came here to ask why it was mutated, but you've reminded me of this behaviour. Yes, that's totally it.


Can't this also mean 'what can you make?'


I'm having difficulty getting my head around this common Welsh construction: 'what are you able to his do it'. Is there a simple way of remembering where to use it. and hence the mutation. and where not to? At present I am not thinking quickly enough to produce the correct result.


I am waiting to have it confirmed, but I am pretty certain that this is a relative pronoun and that all will be revealed when we do relative clauses. Can anyone confirm that? If so, the best thing to do is just be patient and accept it for the moment.

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