"Masz dwanaście złotych?"

Translation:Do you have twelve złoty?

March 24, 2016

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But why not 12 zlotys (with an 's')?


Definitely should be accepted. And it is, so I hear.


Since I learned the Polish word, I always say and write złotych (or złoty etc. obviously where appropriate), even when the rest of the sentence is in English. It's the Polish name for a Polish thing that we don't have in amy English-speaking area, so why should we anglicise the name for it or have our own name for it? I mean, yeah ok, maybe accept it without the stroke through the l and undeclined in an English sentence if some people don't have the diacritics on their keyboard or feel weird declining nouns when writing in English, but if I write złotych there's no way that's wrong, is it?


That's a good question. As 'ł' in the default English sentence is concerned, I guess maybe there's no need to wait for the new course to change it - I changed it at least in those three sentences in this section.

As for "złotych" in the English version... on one hand, Wikipedia states that "The recognized English form of the word is zloty, plural zloty or zlotys." On the other, it uses the "złotych" form 48 times anyway. So... I guess it should be accepted. Added now.


Haha, Wikipedia. Thanks for accepting


I've been studying polish for months, and only now am I learning what a złoty is...


At current exchange rates, twelve of them are about three US dollars.


Zloty would take the plural "...s" in Engish


We accept several versions, but decided to go with what is technically the singular in the main answers. It seems to be a complicated matter to talk about Polish currency in English :/

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