"I can sleep on the sofa."

Translation:Mogę spać na sofie.

March 24, 2016

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action on sofa is always good


I can sleep on Sophie.


czy to jest locative


In previous lessons, musieć meant must, has to, or needs to, while umieć meant can. A Polish dictionary I have also uses these definitions. Now I see in this sentence, musieć is interpreted as "can". When is musieć used for can and when is umieć used?


No, that's not "musieć", "mogę" is a form of "móc".

"móc" (mogę) can mean that I am allowed to do something, that I am able to do something, etc.

"umieć" means that I know how to do something (and that's why I can do it). For example "Umiem spać na sofie" is possible, but rather unusual, and I guess it rather means that you are able to fall asleep on a sofa even though it's not the most comfortable place to sleep.


Sorry. I didn't look closely at the spelling. Thanks.


Is moźę and mogę the same thing (they appear the same on the hovering hints) dziękuje


"możę" is not a word. I guess you must have meant "może".

"może" is 3rd person singular (he/she/it can), "mogę" is 1st person singular (I can). The infinitive is "móc".

"może" also means "maybe".

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