J.W. von Geothe

Gefunden Ich ging im Walde So für mich hin, Und nichts zu suchen, Das war mein Sinn.

Im Schatten sah ich Ein Blümchen stehn, Wie Sterne leuchtend, Wie Äuglein schön.

Ich wollt es brechen, Da sagt es fein: Soll ich zum Welken Gebrochen sein?

Ich grub's mit allen Den Würzlein aus. Zum Garten trug ich's Am hübschen Haus .

Und pflanzt es wieder Am stillen Ort; Nun zweigt es immer Und blüht so fort.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1813)

March 24, 2016


That's lovely, thanks for posting it. I really do like Goethe; his language is beautiful.

Do you happen to know the title or anthology it came from?

Also, if you have not come across it yet, you may like the Erlkoenig. it is a lot darker but has a beautiful rhythm.

If any one is curious here is a link, it has the German version, a literal translation and the adaptation(not crazy about the adaptation):

There is also the musical version by Schubert where he set it to music: with singing it is always pretty difficult to pick up the words but, if you read the poem, it captures the feeling very well. And both the pianist and singer are excellent.

Anyway, thanks for posting the poem.:)

March 27, 2016
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Der Titel des Gedichtes ist: "Gefunden"

March 27, 2016

Thank you. has some of Goethe's writing in German but it seems to be the longer ones and I wanted to see if I can find more similar to "Gefunden" :)

March 27, 2016

I am happy that you like it :) Erlkönig is so beautiful :O thanks

March 27, 2016

Spreek je Nederlands?

March 25, 2016

I can't speak it, but after the German tree im going to learn Dutch :)

March 25, 2016
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