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Taking a break

I'm taking a break from translations because I seem to be encountering the same glitches and I'm getting frustrated:

  • I submit a translation, get the points, but the system doesn't register that I did it. It continues to show the red star beside the (already completed) translation, with the points grayed out. If I click on translate, it tells me I can't get any points because I "looked at the answer". Of course I looked at it; I submitted it! If I try to take a look at all the other translations, mine isn't there.

  • Yesterday after re-doing a translation such as this, I was given the option to see and rate other translations. When I clicked on this, the only one that came up was Duobot's. His was remarkably good (for Duobot that is), so I gave it a VG. Later when I was checking my stream, it said "Gumbee thinks Gumbee's translation of ... is very good". When I followed the link, it took me back to that same translation. That little Duobot is now plagiarizing?

  • On a couple of occasions I submitted the translation and didn't get awarded the points, nor did it register that I did it. I don't care about the points, but the glitches are getting annoying :(

Anyone else finding strange things such as this?

June 8, 2012



I take it back.. things seem to be working as normal now. I guess my break was short-lived.


I had similar problems at around the same time. It got to the point where I copied every answer and refreshed the page when my first attempt didn't register. It was accepted when I did this.

I have been having problems with recording my responses to the exercises, and this has been going on for a few days. I made several comments when it started happening, but haven't done so since. It's a shame. I like the oral tasks :(

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