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  5. "Merch yw hi."

"Merch yw hi."

Translation:She is a girl.

March 24, 2016



It's South...North would be Merch ydy hi.


Or Hogan ydy hi.


Is 'yw' north, south or standard?


It's south,I think.


From what I've been told elsewhere 'yw' is used more frequently in the south, but it's actually general.


One would think so.


I've put she is a girl which was wrong Then I put is she a girl which was still wrong?


I still believe that 'merch' can mean 'woman' as well as girl or daughter! I tried to say this in another situation and no entry was accepted. Does that mean that comments on Tree1 are not possible any longer?


It can mean woman, but 'a daughter/girl' is more common. menyw/dynes is perhaps more usual for 'a woman'.


Our village women's group uses 'ladies' in English and 'merched' in Welsh, so they at least are happy with 'merch' applied to an adult. I guess 'girls' is used of adult women in English: sometimes seen as offensive, sometimes not.


I remember seeing 'merched' on the door of women's toilets when staying in Wales as a child.


What is the difference between merch and Merch?


Nothing, but we start a sentence with a capital letter in Welsh, as in English. Duo usually doesn't bother about capitalisation, but once in a while it seems to for some reason - a system problem, not anything that the course teams have any control over.


I have the same question. When asked to translate "girl" to Welsh, I typed "Merch" which was marked wrong. But when I later tried "merch" (the only difference was a capital M), it was right. I STILL don't understand that if they are spelled the same, why one is correct and the other is wrong.


As I explained above, the capital makes ni dufference to the meaning. It may be a Duo system bug and nothing that the course team can fix.

If it happens again, please raise a 'Duolingo bug report' so that Duo staff will be aware of the problem.


THANK YOU!!! You have restored my confidence in learning a language.


So if "merch" = girl and "dydd Mercher" = Wednesday, does Wednesday in Welsh mean "girl's day"?


No. Just like "Friday" has nothing to do with frying.

It's a coincidence.

(Mercher comes from Latin Mercurius "Mercury".)

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