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  5. "I am doing an investigation."

"I am doing an investigation."

Translation:Yo estoy haciendo una investigación.

January 21, 2013



Why can't we say "hago?"


Hago is simple present tense (I do), this is a lesson on the use of the gerund in, among other constructions, the present progressive/continuous tense (I am doing). While we use the latter more in English than in Spanish, in both languages the meanings are slightly different. Present progressive implies continuing action, being done now in the broad sense present simple implies repeated action, not necessarily done at this moment. (I am doing the dishes now, I do the dishes every morning (but this is the afternoon)) 03-9-14


I finished the Spanish tree a long time ago, but I do three "strengthening" exercises per day to keep it gold. As a result, I do not encounter these as part of one lesson or another. Anyway, I reported the error weeks ago, and I believe they already notified me it was corrected.


what is wrong with "busqueda" for investigation?


Búsqueda is a search, there are other words you can try like indagación or pesquisa.


Can't you see that the n was accidently left out? DUH!


Haciendo una investigacion was marked wrong. Somebody can tell why ?


Why not haciendA, since I am female?


Because when you're talking in first person (I am) you don't change the ending based on gender. So it's yo haciendo. I just like to say yo in my head so that it's easier to see what I want to put there at the end


Why does it not accept 'soy haciendo una investigación' and wants me to write estoy instead of soy? Shouldn't it be the same?


Hago una investigacion. Accented


Opps accepted that is

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