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Upvotes not reflected in my statistics

I think something is wrong because a few days ago as I remember I had 58 upvotes and then I had translated some sentences from wich some were upvoted but the number on my stats remains the same. Why is that? Could anyone help me, please. I'm using Firefox, and have never had any problems as to showing particular elements on the site or so and the site was functioning perfectly.

January 7, 2014



As far as I can see, if people in a lower tier upvote you, it doesn't count for the tier progress but does count towards the 'completion' of the translation.


Correct. And to clarify, only the first three votes from someone in the same or higher tier count towards your point total.


Thank you too for clarifying it for me, good to know, cheers!


Thanksm I think I wasn't aware of this, now I know, thanks.

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