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  5. "Yes, I must iron."

"Yes, I must iron."

Translation:Oes, mae rhaid i fi smwddio.

March 25, 2016



it says the correct solutions are: - oes, rhaid i mi smwddio - oes, mae rhaid i fi smwddio

if you use the pronoun 'fi' do you have to use 'mae'? are "rhaid i fi smwddio" and "mae rhaid me smwddio" not correct? if so, why?


"Rhaid i fi smwddio" and "Mae rhaid i mi smwddio" are correct.

  • 2008

mae rhaid i fi smwddio = lit:-'there is a necessity for me to iron', ie 'I have to/must iron'. Mae is dropped in speech, which gives us the 'rhaid i fi swmddio' . The 'oes' at the beginning is the 'yes'.

[deactivated user]

    Thanks for the explanation of one of the accepted answers.
    I put Oes, rhaid i fi smwddio which was marked "almost correct" and it was corrected to Oes, rhaid i mi smwddio.
    Why "mi" instead of "fi" ?

    • 2008

    They are both correct, apologies we had forgotten to add 'oes, rhaid i fi smwddio' to the 11 other possible answers. It should work now.


    Why does it have to be 'oes' and not 'ydw'?


    Because it is answering the question "Oes rhaid i fi smwddio?".


    Think of the literal translation in English, if it helps:

    Oes rhaid i fi smwddio? "Is there a necessity that I iron?"

    Oes "Yes there is"

    Ydw "Yes I am/do" - This makes no sense now.


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