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"Min lærer har tvunget mig til at svømme."

Translation:My teacher has forced me to swim.

March 25, 2016



I assume that the teacher is the bear?


Så døde jeg druknede


What is the reason behind the "til" and "at" in this sentence? Is this something for which there is a grammar rule, or is it rather something we will just have to become familiar with as a cultural thing?


It's difficult to explain til at, but it is generally used to indicate the necessitation of an action. So here it would always be tvunget til because someone is being forced to do something.

There are also fixed expressions which use til, such as tid til at [gøre noget] (time to [do something]) or godt til at [gøre noget] (good at [doing something]) but the til isn't attached to infinitive in those cases.

I discussed this further here.


''at'' is just for the verb.


My teacher has made me swim" should be accepted.


Why in the world would someone vote this down?


and so the teacher should! I was a very naughty kid at school but thrived with swimming lessons :D

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