What nationality are you subconsciously?

A nice and short test to find out your inner nationality. Try it out!

March 25, 2016


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What the hell...I'm Irish and I got British, of all things! God save the Queen?!

March 25, 2016

Which is worse, being Irish and getting British, or being told that I have a "lust for romance" and "an artistic eye for fashion"?

Hmm, I see your point. At least it's just some online quiz and not a real fortune-telling...with the former, at least you can just chuck your computer at the wall and say to hell with that. LOL

Maybe it wouldn't be bad, but to say that I have such a thing... :-D And a "lust for romance" is not exactly my kind of thing either. :-D

Well, I suppose you had to find out sooner or later... don't worry, we promise not to tell your friends...

LOL I think it's probably that they don't have Irish in the algorithm, and British culture, etc. is probably more similar to Irish than anything else is.

Yeah, that was what I figured too. I wonder what all they do have.

I got Italian ;-) Not bad, I think. I'm Dutch.

Apparently I should be South African and I'm British hehe :)

I got Japanese, what did you get? I'm mixed nationalities, half American half Croatian.

I tried to see if I could get North Korean, but I got Japanese.

Yo tengo un ciudadania global

. . . but apparently I'm Japanese according to that algorithm

I'm French, apparently. But I'm not sure I believe it. It talked about my "artistic eye for fashion". Anybody who knows me will tell you that I have no such thing. :-D

Oh, and my real nationality is British. :-)

Well, maybe not artsy, but I think the overall idea being that you are very cultured and classy! :-)

I should be FRENCH

Ooh là là, you're subconsciously French! Cinema, fashion, cuisine, romance, philosophy and art, France has everything you've ever dreamed of. You're artistic eye for fashion, your unique taste for delicious cuisine, your lust for romance and your critical, philosophical outlook on the world all make you subconsciously French! An economic and artistic powerhouse, France is the zenith of European class and culture. Whether on the runway, in the cafe or at the university, France is where you belong. Mon Chéri, you're subconsciously French!

But i'm Flemish, Belgien

Well, I was hoping for Russian but got Japanese :-) I'm American.

Of course you were. lol

Are you sure that we're not related? I got Japanese as well. Totally was not expecting that!

You should have answered:

"What do you identify as: Gopnik

What do you always travel with: Dashcam

What is more important family or work: Babushka

Where do you attribute your culture: Kremlin

What is your idea of a big city: Moscow

Who is best: Putin"

to get Russian

I got Italian. :) I love pizza, I love Pavarotti, I admire Monica Bellucci, I do love Venice and gondolas, I read the novel "a death in Venice" three times, I am in love with that colorful city Manarola. Well, I think that I must learn Italian next.

A Russian-American who got Swedish.

You know, Sweden is not all that bad.

I got Brazilian, I am Greek.

I'm Brazilian? That was unexpected.

I got Italian!! Funny, I'm Slovenian living right on the Italian border :D

Italian, I'm French. Close enough!

Seems, I am subconsciously Brazilian.

Nice, I got Brazilian!! "You're passionate, fun and totally irresistible".

I'm Canadian and I got Swedish, and I only manipulated the quiz a teeny bit. But I've been telling literally everyone how Swedish I really am for two years so I'm not sure how subconscious that is.

I'm Egyptian :)

As a Scandinavian living in Britain, I'm happy to get British. I feel 50/50 really, which means I always feel homesick no matter where I am.

Heh, I explicitly chose hot and dry as my preferred weather but got British, which among other things says: "You prefer mild, cool weather and you enjoy a good rain, but too much of it will have you escaping off to a Greek island!"

I got Japanese, my real nationality is Slovak.

I got South African, I'm Irish.

EDIT: This was really good, thanks!

I'm apparently Brazilian. Don't think that's true though. You belong on the breathtaking beaches of Rio with a drink in hand or in the middle of a colorful and scandalous Carnival parade dancing your heart out. Definitely not; anyone who knows me well knows that I hate dancing =D I'm Egyptian.

I think they are talking about your past life, Selma.

Haha, I noticed some inconsistencies too... btw, I'm a subconsciously Japanese Italian :D

Japanese and American

This thing is whack! I played with it, and it told me I was Italian, even though I chose the options that family doesn't matter at all, and social norms are irritating! LOL

I got Japanese..........haha. It said I'm "independent, ambitious and incredibly hardworking, I hold to tradition, but am willing to look forward to the next big idea" Hmm.......a lot of people consider me to be old-fashioned and hard-working.......not sure about the rest!

I'm an immigrant from the U.S to Ecuador.

Saludos de Ecuador

Indian, thanks to its religious identity. Rather please with that choice of nationality.

I am Finnish and I got French. I admit that I am interested in cinema and arts but fashion? I hate fashion with passion. I sincerely doubt that Finland is even included in this questionnaire. But for the sake of Finno-Gallic relationships I am more than willing to admit that I love Jeunet's La cité des enfants perdus, Sartre, Camus, Piaf, Debussy and Daft Punk. :)

Aren't you at level 25 in French? Maybe something is rubbing off on you.

South-african :D! And I haven't even been there.

(I am Swedish.)

I'm subconsciously Japanese, even though I am American. Thank you for sharing!

Apparently, I'm Italian! :P

Actually fits me really well, surprisingly. :D
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I am Japanese!

I'm from Malaysia, the result says I'm Swedish. Two very different countries but based on the description for the answer it kind of fit my personality, perhaps I should activate my "Lagom" :) just kidding. I love Swedish.

Hey everyone, I just noticed that you can take this test in a few other languages as well: Italian, German, Russian, and Spanish. It's also possible to make your own translation apparently. There's a little arrow next to a globe in the upper right corner, if you click that, it gives you the options.

Thank you, I hadn't noticed that!

I am Korean, and I got Japanese. I feel that the description kind of fits both... :)

"Snowy" is my favourite weather, but according to this test I'm subconsciously Indian lol

Lots of snow (and glaciers) in northern parts of India.

Even in Sicily or Ethiopia there is snow in certain areas, but no one typically associates india or those countries/regions with snowy weather.

Thanks for the heads-up about the Ethiopian Highlands. They look amazing.

Snowy Sicilian landscapes are quite pretty too.

I am Swiss - Tunisian and I got South African

I have to say that I always find an occasion to celebrate something and I am pretty open minded and I hate obnoxious / narrow minded tourists. Proud to be an inner South African !

Wow, I'm French?? Hehe.

I'm German and when taking the test in English it says I should be South African. But when I take the test in German it says I'd be Swedish. It's right about the shyness and being contemplative there, but certainly wrong about the avoiding chaos thing.... And while I'd say that I am open-minded and curious, I wouldn't exactly describe myself as particularly adventurous (about the South African thing now).

I'm American and I got Japanese '-'

Italian, apparently. Pretty cool since I'm learning Italian

Hah, well that's just more conformation. I'm Brazilian. (Originally U.S.) No wonder why the language comes so easy to me. I've gone months without using Portuguese and still have had fluent conversations with native Brazilians. And I never chose the carnival answer...

Brazilian, and i'm Irish

the question itself is fun, but I am really puzzled by the quiz. How did I, who loves cold weather, indie film festivals, unconventional relationships and lack of tradition, ended up being South African? I don't mind South Africa at all but when I think about it and its people I get a completely different picture.

Well I am adventurous and full of joy and laughter as the result says but how did it come out of all my answers I don't know.

I got Indian!

"You the see the world through a unique lens that would only make sense along the banks of the Ganges."

I...very much doubt that! given that my worldview is heavily shaped by my upbringing in the United States, although it is correct in implying that sometimes I don't fit in well to my own culture. But since I don't know very much about the cultures, traditions, etc. of India, I'd probably be way more out of place living there! Plus, some ways that I don't fit in might be even more out of place in India! although maybe some others would be less so.

Unless...well, it's probably suggesting that my predisposition is toward some Indian culture's way of thinking, absent my whole upbringing and everything uniquely American that I've learned...this quiz raises some interesting questions that I'm not prepared to answer...

I'm American and got Brazilian. I can live with this.

I'm Russian and I got British. I often hear from people that I act like a Britisher.

I'm Brazilian and the test told me that I'm subconsciously Brazilian. That makes sense...

I'm German and in love with Portuguese and Brazil, but subconsciously I should be Italian according to this test :-D

At least it's another country where a romance language is spoken :-P

"Living la dolce vita, you're subconsciously Italian! Passionate, artistic and romantic, your lust for love, food and all things beautiful make your personality perfect for Italy. You have a deep appreciation for beauty and there's no better way to your heart than through your stomach! You thrive on passionate romances full of wine and delicious pastas. You appreciate the arts, culture, and there's nothing more important to you than family. Your fuse may be short and your temper legendary but your inner warmth and compassion is unmatched. You are subconsciously Italian!"

I'm British, but apparently i'm subconsciously Brazilian!

I'm Canadian and I got Swedish. I think I took this same test a few months before though, and got Brazilian at that time.

French. (Well, it's my heritage, I guess genetic memory is gaming the game.)

South African. Of course.

I can not learn a british english on duolingo, it only has an american english I think, but an american english is important too, right? and you know I don't see which english is better to learn, british or american. but english is the most important communication tools in the world.

I would say learning American English is probably better, unless you're specifically interested in Britain. Anyway, by the time you know either well, it's very easy to learn the important differences.

I got British and I am British. Guess it's a good test then!

I got Japanese and I'm British haha

[deactivated user]

    I am French and it says I am South African...

    I got South African, which is, uhm... interesting.^^

    I am german and am subconsiously british .... yuck

    I got South African and I am from The Bahamas xD

    Test told me Italian. But I know It's British.

    i am from România If you will come in România will discover fascinating places : Waterfall Bigar and many others.

    I got Brazilian, and I am not even close to that. But that was fun!

    I got French :)

    That was funny, I live in Australia and the result was French. Wonder why I am learning Russian?

    I got Japanese, totally unexpected!

    I got British. Well, my paternal side of the family is British, and I'm from a Commonwealth country.

    I'm American, but apparently I'm subconsciously Japanese.

    Je suis français, paraît-il. I can live with that, I'm well-versed in ennui, l'existentialisme and la nouvelle vague.

    I'm Japanese ^.^

    Haha I love the outcome!: Ooh là là, you're subconsciously French! Cinema, fashion, cuisine, romance, philosophy and art, France has everything you've ever dreamed of. You're artistic eye for fashion, your unique taste for delicious cuisine, your lust for romance and your critical, philosophical outlook on the world all make you subconsciously French! An economic and artistic powerhouse, France is the zenith of European class and culture. Whether on the runway, in the cafe or at the university, France is where you belong. Mon Chéri, you're subconsciously French!

    Ugh they called me Japanese

    I'm Catalan, and it says I'm Indian. That was unexpected.

    I'm Chinese and got Brazilian?!

    No ONE can get freakier then mine.

    I'm Greek, got South African. Not really surprising

    Just took this test... Apparently, I am South African. I'm actually cool with that. Nationally, I'm (U.S.) American but I never felt American. Subconsciously, this result fits me perfectly; fun, diverse, artistic, adventurous.

    I'm apparently Brazilian but I didn't know it haha.

    I got Italian, and I don't entirely disagree but of course I'm sure there's other countries that would match up nicely in other ways. The only major disagreement I have with the Italian description is family. I said family and tradition are unimportant, lol. Also, I'm way too introverted to be Italian, I just like many of the things that they like.

    FWIW I'm an untraditional, introverted Italian (I got Japanese) :)

    I'm American, and I got French.

    I always get Brazilian in these tests haha!

    I'm American and so got French.

    (( Results - subconsciously Italian.)) The Questions have a certain 'tally' amount: Overall, I picked 'Arts & Culture' as opposed to other hot button issues such as MONEY or SPORTS... Secondly, how do you feel about FAMILY in one's life, and what really might be a close Third... What's the first Beverage you're gonna have in the Morning ?

    What is that?!? I'm Canadian and I got Brazilian!

    I got Japanese..., I am an American who likes the EU...

    I got South African (I'm British)

    I'm Irish/Scandinavian and I got Italian

    I’m a mixed Brazilian and I got Italian.

    I'm Finnish and got Brazilian. Looking at the description, there is not a single part in it that would fit.

    I got Italian. I'm Mexican

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