"Hefin is the groom"

Translation:Hefin yw'r priodfab

March 25, 2016

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S'mae. I still haven't understood why Mae wouldn't start this sentence... Also would could we use yw instead of ydy? Diolch yn fawr! :)


Yes you could use "yw" instead of ydy. The reason "Mae" isn't used here is because it is an emphatic sentence. This basically means that the most important thing comes first for emphasis. So "I am Ellis" becomes "Ellis dw i." because my name is the important part and the verb follows.


Thanks for the reply! Diolch yn fawr! =)


Depending on the question, would it ever be correct to say, "Mae'r priodfab ydy Hefin."?


I don't think you could ever have both mae and ydy in the same sentence like that.

Y priodfab ydy Hefin could maybe work: "The groom is what Hefin is" or "Hefin is the groom".

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No, you can't have 'mae' and 'ydy' in the same sentence since they are effectively the same verb.

Your suggestion would translate as:- The groom is is Hefin.

The only way to express this in Welsh is the above, although you can reverse the order to have the same effective meaning.

Hefin yw/ydy'r priodfab = Y priodfab yw/ydy Hefin

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