"Do you have green shoes?"

Translation:Czy ty masz zielone buty?

March 25, 2016

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"Masz zielone buty?" Why is this wrong? There are many questions like this without "Czy" in Duolingo


Why "ty" and not "wy" too?


what exactly did you write.?
Czy ty masz zielone buty?, Czy wy macie zielone buty?
should be accepted.
masz zielone buty? macie zielone buty?


Why is 'zielone buty' in the Nominative here and not Accusative?


Ah, it must be because 'but' is not animated?


Well, "mieć" will never take Nominative. It may just be that the Accusative form is identical to Nominative, but it's Accusative nevertheless.

The notion of being animate is only important in one situation: when you need Accusative of a masculine singular noun. For example "I have a brother" = "Mam brata" (Accusative looks like Genitive) vs "I have a shoe" = "Mam but" (Accusative looks like Nominative).

Here, you have 'not masculine-personal plural' (anything that is not 'a group of people with at least one man') - and for this gender, the Accusative form is identical to Nominative.


Is the pronoun really necessary, or can it be inferred from the verb? (It was marked wrong without the pronoun.)


Never mind. That wasn't the mistake. I hit the wrong button.


How would one ask this in the polite "formal" way? Czy panie ma zielone buty? Czy pan ma zielone buty?


Not sure if it was a typo (of singular 'pani') or a grammatical mistake, but "panie" is plural (ladies), so it's "Czy panie mają zielone buty?". The second sentence is correct.

So it's "Czy [pan/pani] ma zielone buty?" (Do you have green shoes, [sir/ma'am]?) and "Czy [panowie/panie/państwo] mają zielone buty?" (Do you have green shoes, [gentlemen/ladies/mixed group]?).

In Formal You, it's common and natural (in my opinion, even more natural) to put the verb before the subject, so to have "Czy ma [pan/pani]..."/Czy mają [panowie/panie/państwo...". That's probably the only context in which it's safe to put the verb before the subject.


since the colors are considered as adjectives, at the beginning of the lesson; it was taught as plural adjectives transform from for example ''mały'' to ''małych''. So why dont we say zielonych buty? Is this only valid for genitive case?


Zielonych is used for genitive plural, locative plural and virile accusative plural. But in this sentence we need the nonvirile accusative plural. Take a look at this table:


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