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  5. "Intento dormir."

"Intento dormir."

Translation:I try to sleep.

January 21, 2013



why not i intend to sleep?


I support DL 100% here with their translation: I try to sleep. INTENTAR is much better translated as to try than to intend. May even be considered a false cognate since the Spanish for to intend is best translated as tener la intenciĆ³n. "Tengo la intention de estudiar idiomas en la universidad." (Harper Collins Beginners Spanish Dictionary, 2001). INTENTAR is used often. We should master it.


Intentar and to intend are false friends. They sound similar but they're not.

  • Intend to = tener la intenciĆ³n de

  • To try to = intentar or tratar de


How about "I intend to sleep?"


A bit of an awkward sentence in english, I am trying to sleep, the "I try to sleep" is something a non-english native speaker would most likely say. Translations are never a word for word situation.

[deactivated user]

    the first option I was given was 'attempt'...just saying

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