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  5. "Bevi qualche altra birra?"

"Bevi qualche altra birra?"

Translation:Do you drink some other beer?

January 7, 2014



No, bevo solo Perroni.


Is this questions asking Would you like another beer? or Do you drink other (types of) beers?


Means more than that, it's an invitation to actually drink "several other beers". The proposed translation is wrong, this is a countable, not uncountable use of it. The latter you said, on the other hand, is a good possible translation (e.g. -A me piacciono le bionde e le rosse. -Ah, solo quelle? Non bevi qualche altra birra?) although it's a bit far-fetched (would be more natural with piacere than with bere).


ok thanks, I usually don't stress if the translation if off in English. I mean, nothing translates exactly right? I just want to know what I'm saying.


I think "do you drink a few more beers" is the best translation, because "altro/a/i/e" means "other" but also has a nuance of "more". So when you ask for more pasta, you'll be asking "altra pasta, per favore!". But what's really important is to remember that "qualche" is used with singular but means plural. So "qualche giorno fa [=ago]" = "a few days ago", "ho letto qualche libro" = "I've read some books" etc. Hope it helped :)


Can "qualche altra birra" also mean "some more beer"? Altro does have such a meaning, but I am not sure if it applies in this context.


It would be "Bevi ancora un po' di birra" or "bevi altra birra?" then. Qualche gives it a countable nuance.


Yes it has the same meaning :)


"Do you drink some other beer?" That is terrible English (in my book). Perhaps "Will you have another beer?" Even "Will you drink another beer?" But, for me, drink is not used like this


It actually means several other beers. Qualche is singular in use but plural in meaning. It lit. means "Do you drink some more beers?"


Thank you! I too have learnt that, e.g. qualche mela is some apples etc. Qualche takes singular noun, alcuni takes plural, both have a plural meaning. Duolingo is wrong here!


Do I understand well that this sentence may suggest different types of beer, like "do you drink a lager, then a pils, and continue with a porter and a good ale?" i don't know whether Italian has such nuissances for beer because (as far as I experienced) drinking beer in Italy is like seeing Napples and not dying... or drinking grappa in Ireland :D


Means different beers as in different mugs or cans or bottles. Whether of the same sort or not cannot be deduced by this sentence out of context.


Mille grazie :)


Does 'qualche' mean both 'any' and 'some'. The dictionary I have says to use 'qualche--some' in affirmative sentences. Whereas as 'qualche--any' to be used in direct and indirect questions. Can anyone confirm this or elaborate on it any further?


i agree - i put "do you drink any other beers?"


why is "do you drink some other beers" marked wrong?


is the upshot of all this discussion then that the model translation in English needs changing as it is not good English - the translation given doesn't make sense in English so I am left wondering what the Italian is actually saying,


Is it possible also:

Bevi un'altra birra?


Not with the meaning required here.


Can "qualche altra birra" also mean "some more beer"? Altro does have such a meaning, but I am not sure if it applies in this context.


Could alcuna work here? Or would that automatically mean several?


Do you drink other beers?


Eh.. is like "Are you down for a few more beers?


This sentence can be intrepreted in so many different ways: because I thought that the question implied that it could mean whether the "you" is drinking some other beer than the person asking the question is drinking, as in a different brand. I know the sentence isn't meant like that, but please DuoLingo, change the translation for this sentence to something like: "do you (want to) drink some more beers?" because this is really confusing.


best English translation for me that it accepted was: "Do you drink any other beer?"


A tip to remembering "altra" as meaning "other": think "alternative."


Qualche should be followed by a singular noun, even when the meaning is plural. 'some other beers' should be correct.


I wrote exactly what was said to be the correct answer and it was marked as incorrect.


It is time that they accepted "beers", it is better English


Can this be translated as future? "will you drink some other beer"?


(UPDATE: the assumed translation in my comment is wrong. Please see ilmolleggi's reply below.)

Not sure, but I think "beverai" would be more correct for that one.

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