"Twoi chłopcy"

Translation:Your boys

March 25, 2016

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Shouldn't it be "twoje chłopcy"?


Chłopiec is masculine, so sg. twój chłopiec, pl. twoi chłopcy.


to be more specific chłopiec is masculine personal.
other masculine nouns (that are not personal) are "twoje" like twój pies, twoje psy

twoje is for not masculine personal nouns ( masculine not personal, feminine, neuter nouns)
twoi is for masculine personal nouns.


You're right, thanks. I know that but I wanted to make it simpler in this case and not to list all those declination tables. I thought doing that I could make it even more confusing as he probably just didn't know the gender of the noun (just for now, so when he encounters any inanimate words he would learn how to use them). Perhaps I should've been more specific, though. Thanks for clarifying it to other people who will read this.


Maybe it's my non slavic ears, but I'm having trouble hearing a big difference between "twój" and "twoi". Is there any tricks?


Twój chłopiec; twoi chłopcy; twój ojciec; twoi ojcowie


Thank you both for your explanation :)


Twoi chlopcy; twoi mężczyźni; Twoje kobiety, twoje dziewczyny, twoje psy, twoje koty;


the masculine and feminine thing going on here is really confusing me...


There are two plural genders in Polish, "masculine personal" aka "virile" and "non-masculine-personal" aka "nonvirile".

What do you find confusing?


Isn't the possessive always meant to agree with the nominative case? If twóje ubrania is correct then why not twój chłopcy?


Well, I'm afraid that you don't understand Polish possessives yet. Don't worry, you'll learn :)

1) The possessive has to agree with the grammatical gender and number.

2) The possessive has to agree with the grammatical case that is used. Here, as in the other sentence where you commented, it's just a phrase, so it's Nominative.

"chłopcy" are plural - and on top of that, it's masculine personal plural (used almost exclusively for 'groups of people including at least one man'). So it would have to be "twoi" as that is the masculine personal version in Nominative.

Oh, also: only masculine singular possessives have "ó". The rest just has "o".


Your explanations are always clear. Thank you.


I just typed "twój chłopcy" and realised the moment I checked that I made a mistake (mixed singular and plural). To my surprise I got a "correct", even without calling it a typo. Have I just missed something or is duo a bit too forgiving here? If so, could you please do something against is? This pronoun stuff is not easy, I need to know my mistakes...

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