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Books in Welsh From Wales

I am progressing rapidly on my Welsh tree and would like to begin reading books in Welsh soon. Does anyone know of a great novel in any genera that was originally written in Welsh?

Thank You.

March 25, 2016



This course does not really prepare you for reading Welsh literature, which is often written in a more formal register than you will meet on Duo. However, there are lots of books around for learners. You might try the Blodwen Jones trilogy by Bethan Gwanas, for example.

In 'real' literature, there is a classic short collection of linked short stories by Kate Roberts 'Te yn y Grug' which is readily available, and translations are sold as 'Tea in the Heather', so you could read them as parallel texts. They are also available on CD as recordings so that you can hear the language while following the text.

Otherwise, look at ylolfa.com and other publishers' sites for the books for learners that they publish.

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I agree with ibisc. I have read a few books written specifically for Welsh learners. Whilst they are not great literature they are good for building your confidence before you progress to full novels. Gomer press also publish some http://www.gomer.co.uk/index.php/books-for-adults/fiction-for-welsh-learners.html?p=1 I would also recommend using Memrise to expand your Welsh vocabulary first, otherwise you may find you are having to look up too many words, and that will spoil your reading enjoyment.


Hi all, I've prepared a list of novels and books that are suitable for learners here: http://parallel.cymru/?p=1428. There's lots of suggestions, and descriptions and insights from the original authors as well.


If you are Harry Potter fan, there is Philosopher Stone available in Welsh!

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