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  5. "В этой комнате много места."

"В этой комнате много места."

Translation:There is lots of space in this room.

March 25, 2016



Is it proper to say 'there is lots' in English? I thought it was either 'there is a lot' or 'there are lots'


"There is a lot" should be accepted. "There is lots" is probably acceptable, though you'd more likely hear it as "there's lots". "There are a lot" doesn't work because "space" is singular.


"There is a lot of space in this room". Why is this wrong?


I wrote "There are a lot of seats in this room." but it was not accepted. I was thinking about seats available in a room of a cinema, a classroom, or something similar. How would you say that?


I wrote the same. Is it wrong? Спаьибо.


After studying for another two months (and still going :)) ), I now think I know my mistake. места is singular, so it would translate as space/open area. Seats (or places) would be мест which is plural. So lots of seats/places would be много мест. A native could correct me if I'm wrong


To puzzle through this:
The preposition Много takes genitive case for it's object, see: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/28544274
The nominative neuter singular for "place/space" is место. The genitive singular of место is места, see https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/29038061
thus "much/a lot of space" = много места (genitive neuter singular).

If you look at the noun-ending declension table in the link above, you can see that мест is the genitive neuter plural of место.

You can also see that места is the nominative and accusative (inanimate) plural of место. But the reason you know it's the genitive singular is the fact that места is the (genitive) object of the pronoun много.

So, the most important and first step is determine what case the object of a preposition takes.


When do you use "в етой" vs "в этом?"


I wrote, "there is a lot of space in this room". This is wrong?


"there is much space in this room" means the same thing????


"There is a lot of place" isn't English?


Nope. "A lot of space" is OK though.


Thanks, good to know. In french we say more often "il y a beaucoup de place" and rarely "il y a beaucoup d'espace". While learning Russian I'm improving my English :)


Tres bien! Bon chance!


Why the translation uses "lots" with "there is" and not with "there are". I think that the best translation is "There is a lot of space........ or there are lots of space. Maybe I'm wrong as english is not my mother tongue. Thks for an explanation.

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