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Test your Knowledge. Latin America

1) Who is Frida Kahlo?

2) Who is Diego Rivera?

3) the dish known as "Mole Poblano" comes from what country?

4) Arepas are a popular dish in this country.

5) In what region of Latin America are "frijoles" known as "abichuelas" ?

6) Give two different names in spanish for popcorn.

7 What is another spanish word for cubierto?

8) Who is Che Guevaro? What was his cause? What nationality was he?

9) Who is Benito Juarez? What state was he from?

10) Who is Cesar Chavez?

March 25, 2016

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4th arepas are a popular dish from colombia! :d


1 and 2 they were mexican painters, Diego was mainly muralis and Frida self-portrails mainly, they married and had a torrid romance. 3,.- Mole comes from Mexico from Puebla state. 4.- Arepas comes from colombia. 5.- Abichuelas I think that they call at Central America. 6.- Palomitas and palomas? 7.- I do not have idea 8.- Che Guevara was an Argentine revolucionary , he was against Imperialism, and he wanted equality for people he was humanist. 9.- Benito JUarez was president of United States of Mexico, he was born in Oaxaca, Ox. 10,- Cesar Chavez, American leader, He fougth for civil rigth of farmers


well done! have a lingot


Arepas is a traditional dish in Colombia but also in Venezuela

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