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  5. "The girl is drinking milk."

"The girl is drinking milk."

Translation:La fille boit du lait.

January 21, 2013



Ok...boit and bois, I don't get when to use which. Anyone?


Depending on the conjugation, the spelling of the word changes.

With Je/Tu, it is 'Je bois'.

With il/elle/le garçon/la fille/etc.....(Third person, basically), it becomes 'il/elle/whoever boit'

Hope that helps.


Jacqueline, could you please browse the "search" feature on the main Discussion page? it seems all your questions have already been answered to.


You have to memorize the conjugations until they come naturally to you.


I keep wanting to add est, along with other words, when they aren't required and thus getting questions wrong. We really need grammar lessons. Like, super badly.


"The girl is drinking milk" means that at the action is currently in progress and not finished.

In French, you cannot express an on-going action in the same manner, i.e. with a verbal form.

Therefore, either you use "la fille boit du lait" (simple present), but you miss the "in progress" nuance, or you use the expression "la fille est EN TRAIN DE boire du lait", which exactly means what is implied in the English "is verb-ing".

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