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"In the store"

Translation:In dem Laden

January 21, 2013



Why is "Im Laden" wrong?


Duolingo has been marking my "im" and "am" wrong when it wanted "in dem" or "an dem" respectively, or vice versa.


Is "im" a contraction of in dem?


Why is this Dative? Why not just In Der Laden? Something to do with indirect object? I'm on the brink of a Ulrika Moment, if someone could just explain this to me as thoroughly and Concisely as possible that would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


in is a two way preposition sometimes takes dative when there's location as in this sentence or as well acussative when there's movement or direction

Wir gehen ins(in+das)Kino (Acussative)

Wir sind im (in+dem)Kino (Dative)

Hope that helps


How do we know if it should be akkusativ or dativ without context? If the question is 'wohin gehst du?' shouldn't the answer be 'in den laden'? 'In dem laden' would be the answer to the question 'wo bist du?' If any native german speaker could confirm or correct this it would be really helpful

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