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Just a question about spelling into Duolingo

Hello, When I don't use Spanish accents, I lost some points. I can understand it. But I have a question... If your applications are sensitive to spelling mistakes, why are they not sensitive to absence of capital letetr or non-compliance of punctuation? When you start a new sentence, a capital letter is required. Not to mention that in English, the personal pronoun "I" is written with a capital letter ... An interrogative sentence, takes a question mark at the end, etc.. I corrected since the fall of many exercises on Livemocha and I notice that the majority of students do not use capital letters and even less punctuation. And this is a mistake because if these signs exist, it is also to be used. My question may seem strange but it is necessary ... Why should we respect a spelling rule and forget everything else? Thanks in advance! (I'm sorry for my english ... but I'm trying to learn.)

January 7, 2014


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