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Introduction to Belarusian

Just starting. :) It's your introduction to Belarusian language! Audio is also by me. http://www.memrise.com/course/1037938/audio-basics-of-belarusian/

March 25, 2016



Cool! Maybe you can apply to contribute a Belarusian course, for example Belarusian for English speakers (or for a different language, like Ukrainian, Russian, Polish or other language).


I would, but I probably have no chances. I applied for Lithuanian twice and I'm still being ignored.


I hope you won't. Remember more languages here = better :D

[deactivated user]

    Thanks for taking your time to create this! I'm glad to see people interested in spreading Belarusian! :)

    I hope you'll forgive me for a little nitpicking:

    • Яна беларусачка, а ён паляк. Why do you use diminutive form here? I think it may confuse learners when белару́сачка is diminutive, but all the other words in the lesson are not. Maybe it could make sense to create a separate lesson about diminutive patterns?
    • Мы не палякі, мы літовцы. Typo in літоўцы.
    • Вы не размаўляеце на літоўскай мове, але на беларускай. Are you sure this is natural way to say this? It looks pretty strange to me. I'd say «Вы размаўляеце не на літоўскай мове, а на беларускай». Granted, my Belarusian might be influenced by Russian in this regard, so please take my words with a grain of salt.

    Please don't be discouraged by my comments — those are all minor issues. Thanks for your endeavour!


    "Вы не размаўляеце на літоўскай мове, але на беларускай." - я проста хачеў паказаць як трэба правільна негаваць) Дзякуй, што знайшла памыўкі. Калі буду мець новы камп'ютэр, усё папраўлю. Цапер ня маю як.


    Дзякуй, беларуская мова вельмі прыгожая. Спадзяюся, хутка тут з'явіцца адмысловы курс.

    [deactivated user]

      Hello! What happened to this course? The page doesn’t open anymore.


      In order to start with a Belarusian course: 1. Upvote https://duolingo.com/comment/10008744 2. See this post: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/15014194

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