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How to link FB account with G+?

Originally when I downloaded the app, I connected it to my Facebook. Then a couple days ago I found out that I can connect it to my G+ too, which I figured I mind as well since I have around 100 friends on each platform. But I can't find the option to connect to it while I'm on my account, otherwise it will set it up like a separate account from my facebook. Does anyone know how to link the two up?

January 7, 2014



Your Google account and Facebook account need to have the same email address. If this is the case, you can just log in with your Google account and it should add your account number to your Duolingo account.


Oh... that would make sense. I used my old live account for duolingo because I usually sign up for things with that (just in case I get spam and such) but I linked it to my gmail. Would it work if I sign in with G+ like a new user and then connect it to my FB, will it auto-update or would it reset my progress?

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